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Trade Futures: Manage Risk with Hedging, Capitalize on Speculation, and Exploit Opportunities through Arbitrage

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Futures Trading Platform

Phillip Nova

Equipped with over 100 technical indicators, live charts and a Market Depth Trading Tool, Phillip Nova is a powerful, intuitive platform that enables effective trading of Commodities Futures , Indices Futures , Agricultural Futures, Energy & Metal Futures as well as Interest Rate Futures.


Powered by 12+ chart types, 100+ pre-built indicators and 50+ drawing tools, TradingView brings an unparalleled charting experience leading to informed trading decisions. Trade Futures with one of the most beloved charting platforms in the world.

Products Available

Gain access to futures across the globe including from the Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and US markets. Below are the types of ETFs available on Phillip Nova




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Frequently Asked Questions

 A future contract is a standardized agreement, made on the trading floor of a futures exchange, to buy or sell a predetermined quantity and quality of a specified commodity or financial instrument at a future date.

 In the futures trading industry, a commodity is an article of commerce or a product that leads itself to standardization for the purpose of futures contract. Types of commodity include certain agricultural products (such as wheat, soybeans, cotton, sugar, cocoa), metals (gold, silver, platinum), and petroleum (crude oil).

 A futures exchange is association of persons who participate in the business of buying and selling futures contracts or futures options. There are futures exchanges all over the world.

  • Malaysia: Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD)
  • London: International Petroleum Exchange (IPE), London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE)
  • Japan: Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM)
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong Futures Exchange and Clearing Limited (HKFE)
  • Singapore: Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX)
  • Germany: Eurex Exchange (EUREX)
  • United States: Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) and Commodity Exchange (COMEX).

To get started you need to open an Individual Account with the following process:

*For Corporate account opening, please contact 03-9212 2820/03-2162 1628

Phillip Capital will send to clients a product list which includes margin requirement on regular basis via email. You may contact Dealing (603) 9212 2828/2162 1628 or Marketing (603) 9212 2820 for further details.

Yes, Phillip Capital offers free charting tools integrated in our Phillip Nova trading platform. This service is provided as value added to our clients. Our clients will enjoy free live charting tools if they trade with us.

Futures is used for the purpose of Hedging, Speculation and Arbitraging.Hedging is using futures limiting the risk that arises from large fluctuations in prices. It is a form of insurance to prevent adverse price movement. Taking a futures position opposite to the current physical position held.Speculation deals with changes in the expect price levels overtime and do not own physical delivery. They speculate profit from futures trading by buying contracts at lower price and selling at a high price. Arbitraging is simultaneous purchase and sell of the same instrument in different market to profit from price discrepancies.

We provide the following services to our clients:

  • 24 hours broking and execution services
  • Access Global futures products*
  • Free access to our online trading system, Phillip Nova 2.0
  • 90 products from various exchanges
  • Daily and weekly research reports
  • Tradingview Integration