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[SB Seminar] 如何使用小资本交易马股和美股

19 Jun 2024

7:30 pm

加入我们参加此精彩活动,我们将探讨如何使用小额资金交易马来西亚和美国股票!无论您是初学者还是经验丰富的交易者,此活动都非常适合您。从我们的专家那里学习宝贵的实战技巧和策略. Register now!

Contract for Difference (CFD) 是一种金融衍生工具,它允许投资者在不拥有实际资产的情况下,通过价格变化来获利或亏损。

1. 定义和基本原理:

  • 差价合约 是一种合约,投资者与交易平台约定根据资产价格的变动来交换差价。合约的结算基于资产价格在开仓和平仓时的差异。
  • 投资者可以通过做多(买涨)或做空(卖跌)的方式参与市场,无需实际持有资产,只需支付差价的变动金额。

2. 特点和优势:

  • 杠杆效应:通过杠杆可以用较少的资本控制更大的头寸,增加潜在利润。
  • 多样化投资:可以在多种市场和资产类别中进行交易,提供更大的市场机会。
  • 灵活性和流动性:交易流程简便,可以快速进入和退出市场,灵活应对市场变动。

日期: 2024年7月24日 (星期三)
时间: 晚间7点 至 9点
地点: 辉立资本 诗巫

欲知更多详情,欢迎莅临辉立资本诗巫分行或可致电 084 – 377 933

About the speaker

Mr. Wong Kon How | PBM, TradingView Wizard

Since 1995, Kon How started as a floor trader and subsequently founded Weipedia. His company, Weipedia, is engaged by exchanges and institutions such as CFA, CME, EUREX, SGX, and HKSI to develop education programs. They also provide expert witness and opinion writing services to assist in the arbitration process for trading disputes. Kon How is often invited to share his views on the market and provide trading insights to industry practitioners and retail investors.

He specializes in the study of behavioral science or market psychology to identify macro trends and forensic price behavior. Kon How is an expert in technical analysis, investor profiling, risk management, and investing strategies.

Awarded Public Service Medal, person who has rendered commendable public service in Singapore or for his achievement in the field of arts and letters, sports, the sciences, business, the professions and the labour movement.

Awarded TradingView Wizard – One of 3 Wizards of 2024. Top traders and investors who share their sharp insights and make TradingView their tactical base.

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