Online Trading, Call-in Trading & Currency Conversion

You may call to the Dealing Desk to check on order confirmation and net positions

Futures Dealing: (65) 6535 1155
Spot Forex/Gold Dealing: (65) 6536 7200 

When placing a call to our Dealers, please note the following:

  1. State your Phillip Futures Account Number
  2. State your order clearly to the Dealer

State the contract month (for Futures Contracts), quantity, and order buy or sell.

Limit orders that are not filled will be removed from the system after 5am the next business day. You may wish to re-input your order again. Orders filled before 5am will be considered the same day transaction and the conversion will be reflected in the next business day daily statement. 

The FX Invest is based on a quote driven market platform. Please take note that the prices shown are indicative, subjected to market fluctuations which may not be transacted as shown. Clients are advised to check the transaction history to confirm the transaction status. Prices may not be present at certain time period based on the liquidity of the contract and market conditions. Phillip Futures shall not be under any obligation to account to the Customer for any unsent orders or transaction not done.

Forex Invest currently operate 24 hours daily from Monday 6am to Saturday 5am. Any order submission, withdrawal or amendment out of this stipulated time range, will not be accepted

For assistance on any trading matters, please call our Forex Dealing Desk at 6536 7200.

You can convert your currencies via:

  1. Client Portal: Log on to > E-SERVICES > Currency Conversion; or

  2. Contact your designated Account Manager or the Forex Dealing Desk at at (65) 6536 7200


Note: MT5 is a USD based trading account so currency conversions are not applicable.

For all Call-in trades, you may inform our dealer which trading session you prefer your working order to be in place till.

Otherwise, your call in working orders for HKEx (HS, H-shares, Mini Hang Seng, Mini H-Shares) will expire at the end of T session (0915hrs SGT to1615hrs SGT).

For self-executed working orders submitted through the trading platform, it will be automatically carried forward to T+1 session (1700hrs SGT to 2300hrs SGT).

Phillip Futures does not generally perform currency conversion to cover the deficits in your account without your consent or instruction. An exception is made when we deem that your account is in danger of going into over loss after being evaluated*.

At such circumstances, the following action may take place:

  1. We will attempt to contact you by phone to seek your instructions to convert the deficit for you.  If you wish to convert the deficit by yourself, or top up the account, please do so by 4pm on the day of our contact.

We will proceed with the conversion if you do not complete the conversion or top up your account by 4pm;

  • In the event we are not able to contact you by phone, we will email you to inform of your deficit and the actions that you need to take by 4pm on the same day.

We will proceed with the conversion if you do not complete the conversion or top up your account by 4pm.

An illustration as shown below:

Actual Account StatusAccount Status Based on 3%
Movement in Exchange Rate
USD -36,000 -36,000
Exchange Rate to SGD1.37001.4111
Total Net Equity in SGD Based50,000 – (36,000 X 1.3700) =
50,000 – 49,320 =
50,000 – (36,000 X 1.4111) = 50,000 – 50,799.60 = -799.60
 Under such circumstances, Phillip Futures will contact you for necessary actions. 


*the evaluation is based on the assumption that the daily exchange rate moved 3% against your account. This percentage taken by Phillip Futures as a benchmark for the daily exchange rate movement. It may be changed based on Phillip Futures’ discretion.

Please note that Phillip Futures reserves the right to do an auto-conversion of the deficit amount to maintain a positive account balance.

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