Prepare yourselves, the UK just banned the world’s largest crypto exchange

28 Jun 2021

???? BTC | $34,625 (+2,427, +7.5%)

???? ETH | $1,984 (+156, +8.5%)

???? XRP | $0.65 (+0.03, +5.3%)

???? LTC | $132 (+5, +3.9%)

Binance (world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange) was announced less than 12 hours ago to have been banned by regulators in the UK. While the company has said that it changes nothing, they had planned to launch Binance UK prior to the ban. Looking ahead, US and Japanese regulators have spoken negatively about the exchange as well in recent months.

Binance was also recently reported to have closed its Ontario (Canada) business, following other crypto exchanges there as regulators file actions against them for non-compliance with securities laws.

Official scrutiny of stablecoins is stepping up, with a US Federal Reserve official calling out Tether specifically as a risk to the stability of the financial system that the Fed is watching. He identified the market as large “unregulated”, and highlighted the high risk of a run on stablecoins should sentiment fall.