Crypto market left directionless after brutal sell-off although institutional adoption quietly on the rise

27 May 2021

???? BTC | $38,609 (+523, +11.2%)

???? ETH | $2,802 (+124, +4.7%)

???? XRP | $1.00 (+0.04, +3.8%)

???? LTC | $193 (+12, +6.4%)

Paypal has taken another step forward into cryptocurrencies, announcing plans to allow users to withdraw cryptocurrencies to third-party wallets.

A widely viewed job posting by Apple stated a requirement for the candidate to have experience in alternative payments such as cryptocurrencies. Speculation is heightening that this may be in relation to Apple’s Apple Pay, although there have been no obvious signals so far.

China’s Inner Mongolia has set out a comprehensive eight-part plan to ban crypto mining, including on mining facilities, power stations, and even internet cafes that use idle stations to mine cryptocurrencies. It is the first concrete proposal of its kind in recent times, and may set the standard for future restrictions on crypto mining.