Bitcoin sentiment at Extreme Fear as short-term volatility spikes

19 May 2021

???? BTC | $42,762 (-1,530, -3.5%)

???? ETH | $3,371 (+20, +0.6%)

???? XRP | $1.61 (+0.10, +7.0%)

???? LTC | $292 (-3.6, -1.2%)

Bitcoin sentiment is at its lowest level (Extreme Fear!) in 13 months, according to a Fear and Greed Index ( maintained by Arcane Research. While dependent on an individual’s view of the Fear and Greed index, times of great fear tend to present buying opportunities.

Ethereum’s major London hard fork is due to launch on testnets in June, less than a month away. One aspect of the upgrade will likely leave Ether with a deflating supply, as tokens will start to get burnt with every transaction. Estimates of the upgrade (EIP-1559) place the burn rate at around 1% of all Ether tokens annually.

Ethereum released their phenomenal first quarter results recently, of which an analysis can be found here ( Among other things, transaction volumes on the Ethereum network increased 20 times on a YOY basis, a healthy sign for the project.