Bitcoin bear market continues but crypto market cap has quietly risen $330M in value in two weeks

06 Jul 2021

???? BTC | $34,080 (-912, -2.6%)

???? ETH | $2,318 (-96, -4.1%)

???? XRP | $0.66 (-0.04, -5.3%)

???? LTC | $139 (-5, -3.4%)

Binance may have shrugged off the UK ban, but pressure is undoubtedly mounting. Barclays customers in the UK can no longer transfer funds to the crypto exchange.

Miners have also been selling less of their Bitcoin in all of the network’s history this year. This is significant as much of the circulating supply of Bitcoin is augmented by miners selling new Bitcoin that they receive at a rate of 6.25BTC every ten minutes, potentially constraining supply as more and more wallets simultaneously appear to be holding their own BTC for long-term periods as well.

Bitcoin’s bear market has been hiding a significant event that fulfills the promise of a de-centralised payments system. The largest ever shift of Bitcoin mining power (around 50%) has been happening over the past few months, with relatively minimal disruption to the actual Bitcoin payments network itself – a fact that will not be lost on institutions assessing the feasibility of crypto-based network solutions.